Welcome to P.B.T.H PRODUCTIONS A.K.A. Protected By The Hood Productions we specialize in songwriting, music production, recording and promotions of all genre's of music and lyrics. Located in Matteson, IL. just south of Chicago. We have produced several upcoming Hip Hop and R&B artists, male and female. To the right are some pics and snippets of artists and their songs produced by our company. P.B.T.H. PRODUCTIONS focus on seeking, enhancing and creating new artists of all sex, races and ages. Album Coming Soon

Hip Hop Artists/Songwriters

Lil Chaotic and Young Spitta

Title: Looking For A Lick

ice cold 7.mp3

R. Jackson Jr. A.K.A. GHOST

Music Producer/Songwriter/Lyricist

Title: Motivated By The Money

Motivated By The Money 5.mp3

GHOST Feat. Hot Ice 

Hip Hop Artist/Songwriter/Music Composer

Title: So Into You

So Into You 5.mp3

Lavell J. R&B Artist

Title: Misunderstood

MisUnderstood 7.mp3

Main Attraction.mp3

Hip Hop Artist

LA A.K.A. Lyrically Attracted

Title: Main Attraction

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